Bring your superhero to life

In this workshop the girl will use her own traditional or digital style to learn the basics of drawing a character and put it in a time and place that suits her story, and she will choose a classic story or tale and redraw the hero of the story in her own style.

Seed Paper

In this workshop you will learn how to make seed paper out of waste paper, and grow a plant on it as a subtitute for soil by using frames and grids.

3D printing

Through the workshop, we will learn about different methods of art to present different forms to create a new artwork and creative art.


learning the basics of drawing

Pottery Art

Learning about the materials and techniques of pottery, the stages of making it , placing it in the oven and transforming into shabes like a cake mold decorated with flowers

Idea x Opportunity

Introducing financial education in entrepreneurship & learning the basic skills they must have to convert their ideas into real life businesses