Puppet theater

A program that works on developing the imaginative ability of the affiliated personality and allowing them to delve into this deep art. In this workshop, we will work to discover the basic forms of puppetry arts, and we will work on making some models and moving them in front of the group.

Self Mastery

Learning mastering your mindset and teaching you skills that help you navigate through challenges in life.

Bring your superhero to life

In this workshop the girl will use her own traditional or digital style to learn the basics of drawing a character and put it in a time and place that suits her story, and she will choose a classic story or tale and redraw the hero of the story in her own style.

Seed Paper

In this workshop you will learn how to make seed paper out of waste paper, and grow a plant on it as a subtitute for soil by using frames and grids.


Various sports classes that focus on physical fitness to encourage girls to exercise and maintain physical fitness and a healthy life. Exercise will be provided by fitness trainers at Sajaya Girls, due to the importance of ensuring the continuity of sports teams and maintaining the required level of fitness. It will also be an opportunity […]


Sajaya Girls in Sharjah targets swimming lovers who have the desire and motivation to learn and hone their skills. The program includes a training period for the participants, at a rate of two sessions per week

Basket ball

Training girls on the basics, laws, and individual and collective skills of basketball, to form the Sajaya basketball team. The program includes friendly matches after the end of a specific training period to empower girls and break the barrier of fear and dread of matches, as well as a practical application of the acquired skills, […]